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Apple Watch Series 6: A giant battery has appeared

Watch Series 6: a giant battery has appeared

iFixit is dismantling many devices. Thus, what exactly is included in the internal parts of the devices or their durability is revealed. This time, the Watch Series 6, which was introduced last week, was divided into parts. The giant battery that emerges reveals the power of the clock.

Watch Series 6 was introduced last week, September 15th. With its new sensor that can measure oxygen in the blood, new color options and many new features, this smart watch looks like the previous generation when viewed from the outside. Even so, this smart watch is much more powerful than the previous generation.

iFixit also divides this highly anticipated smart watch that stands out with its powerful features. Doing this carefully, iFixit opens the device to the side, not from the top. Since Apple releases the Force Touch, it becomes much easier to open the inside of the device.

Here, the giant battery of the smart watch draws attention. Because the 44mm Watch 6 version has a battery capacity of 1.17 Wh. Compared to the Watch Series 5, the battery capacity corresponds to a 3.5 percent increase. In the 40mm version, the battery has an 8.5 percent increase.

The new, brighter screen on the Apple Watch Series 6 has increased the size of the Taptic Engine as well as minor design differences, but Apple did not mention the “growing battery”. iFixit is already praising Apple’s new smartwatch here. Nevertheless, reassembling or repairing the device that was disassembled in the review is scored 6 out of 10.

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