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Apple Watch SE is on the agenda with a scary issue

Apple Watch SE is on the agenda with a scary issue

Apple Watch SE, which met with users recently, became the agenda with the problem of heating. The device, which met with users at an affordable price compared to the Watch Series 6, showed itself with the problem shared by the users. Users stated that the smart watch was too hot and as a result, burning occurred.

The resulting images show the burn on the screen of the smart watch. This proved to be evidence of the users’ sharing that the clock was burning. It was confusing that the model went on sale at an affordable price and that this problem was experienced.

Apple Watch SE heating issue

Until now, the error in question showed itself in 6 different users. Six of these 6 users also had burn marks on the top right of the smart watch. While this burn mark is small in some models, some models attract attention as large. On the other hand, after overheating, burn marks can be seen on the wrist of some users.

No explanation has been made for the Apple Watch SE heating problem that occurs in users in South Korea. On the other hand, it is not known what the situation causing this warming is. The user who shared the subject stated that he bought the smart watch on October 8, slept on the clock on October 9 and woke up with warmth on his wrist on the morning of October 10. The user, who showed that the smart watch did not work after this date, said that he noticed that there was a scar on his wrist. After this happened, the user changed the product with a new one on October 16.

In his predictions about the problem, he thinks there is a problem caused by the Taptic Engine (vibration motor). It is also interesting that the problem has arisen in South Korea for now. However, there may be a problem arising from preferred suppliers in the production focused on South Korea.

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