Apple Watch battery percentage issue and solution

Apple Watch battery percentage issue and solution

Some Apple Watch users have long faced a problem. The problem is the percentage of Apple Watch batteries. The problem is that the percentage of Apple Watch batteries is always 100, and the clock closes. Since last year, new information on the solution to this problem has been distributed, transmitted on some models. Despite the fact that there are no specific solutions from Apple, there are several details of solving this problem. Problem and Solution% Apple Watch Battery:

Apple Watch battery percentage issue and solution

A few steps can be taken to solve the problem, which is also seen in Apple Watch Series 5, but these solutions may not end your problem. Besides, it is worth trying.

What exactly is the problem? Your smartwatch turns off after it appears to be stuck at 100 percent for several hours. When it starts to charge, it stays around 70 percent until it reaches 100 percent and does not fall below that.

There are hundreds of notices and solutions about the battery problem on the internet and in forums. Stating that the problem was not solved with the software, users reported that the problem had been continuing strangely since November of last year. Steps to follow for those who have the problem:

Turn off your phone

Sometimes in phones that do not close for too long, the problem is that the smartwatch can suffer. Therefore, first try turning off the phone for at least 20 minutes. Then open it and see if the problem has been fixed because some of the users who have done so report that the problem has been fixed.

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Start from scratch

Some Apple Watch users are waiting for the device to fully charge, and also charge the smart watch for several hours. He has his steps. First, use the clock until the Apple Watch is fully charged and the screen subsides.

Then hold both side buttons until the screen reopens. Continue to hold the screen until it closes.

Charge the Apple Watch 99 percent or up to this number, but do not let the smart watch battery reach 100. If these steps are successful, your Apple Watch battery level will start to decline normally after a few minutes of use.

Charge it, then charge it

Another way to find a solution is to make sure the Apple Watch charges for several hours and reaches 100%. Then users close the Apple Watch for about 20 minutes before reloading.

Turn off the clock regularly

The fact that the clock does not close regularly can cause problems. Closing a smart watch allows people in trouble to report that they are not living after a while.

Unpair and Update

Remove and compare the Apple Watch to your iPhone. He does not solve this problem, but it is worth a try.

Then you must be sure that you are updating iPhone and Apple Watch to the latest versions of iOS and watchOS. This may be a problem resulting from a software update that you haven’t done.

Last resort: get along with Apple Support

There are steps to troubleshoot problems that Apple can perform remotely on your iPhone and Apple Watch, or you can find the full problem of your watch by assigning an appointment from Apple.

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Have you had any problems, too? Please note that there is a solution in the comments that you will find outside of the above methods.

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