Apple vs Epic Games case is over: Here are all the scandals!

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The Apple vs Epic Games case recently ended. However, the information revealed in the case will not be forgotten for years. Here are the details!

Apple vs Epic Games case is over Here are all the scandals

Apple and Epic Games have faced off in recent weeks in one of the most important cases in history. The process, which began when Epic Games was uncomfortable with App Store commissions, was taken to court when Apple removed Fortnite from the app store.

The months-long litigation ended last week, and the anxious wait for a verdict to be announced has begun. Many, however, struggled to keep up with the highly complicated litigation process. So we’ve gathered all the developments in the case where a new scandal has erupted almost every day. Here’s the Apple vs Epic Games case.

Apple vs Epic Games scandals

The court, which examined almost all the information of both companies to determine who was right, also uncovered some very interesting information. Even companies like Netflix and Xbox, which don’t do business directly with either company, have revealed their secrets.

Almost no user expects Apple to move iMessage to a platform outside its ecosystem. But information revealed in the Apple vs Epic Games case suggests the company plans to rival WhatsApp in 2013. The project, requested by Eddy Cue, apple’s head of Internet and Software Services, has been rejected twice because it would lead fewer people to buy iPhones.

Apple vs Epic Games case is over Here are all the scandals 1

Apple, as it often reminds us, treats all developers equally. But he isn’t afraid to make exceptions when it comes to big companies like Amazon and Netflix. Apple, which does not want to lose these companies because of its user numbers, has occasionally loosened its App Store policies. Information in the emails of an official working at the app store revealed that the company was working hard to avoid losing Netflix and that the platform was exempted from removing in-app sales.

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Apple vs Epic Games case is over Here are all the scandals 2

Microsoft, which is not officially involved in the Apple vs Epic Games case, has become one of the companies that have shown great interest in the process. The company has made a significant discount on Windows Store commissions to corner Apple. Finally, Microsoft officials, who took the opportunity to cite Apple’s game consoles and commissions there, said the company was losing money on Xbox sales, explaining that this was not the case with iPhone sales and that this defense was flawed.

It’s no secret that Epic Games entered game merchandising quite late, distributing new free games to gain new users in the process. But the Apple vs Epic Games lawsuit revealed that the company paid hundreds of millions of dollars for these games. Digital game merchandising, which is quite costly, has so far cost the company more money than it has made money. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said in a statement that he expects the store to make a profit around 2024. The company is known to spend significant money to make many studios, such as PlayStation, private.

Apple vs Epic Games case is over Here are all the scandals 3

Another detail that emerged in the emails was Tim Sweeney’s insistence on the App Store. Sweeney, who has been emailing Apple CEO Tim Cook for years, tried to persuade the company to allow alternative app stores and drop commissions with paragraphs of writing. But his efforts were unsuccessful, and the Epic Games CEO was ridiculed by Apple executives.

That’s all the information about the highly anticipated case is for now. And what are your views on this? Which of these two companies do you think will prevail in the case? Don’t forget to share your views with us.

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