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Apple target: $ 6 million worth of product stolen!

Apple target: $ 6 million worth of product stolen!

Apple is occasionally exposed to robberies. Recently, Apple was again targeted and robbers disappeared with $ 6 million worth of Apple products. The so-called highway robbery took place in Northamptonshire, England. A truck carrying Apple products was attacked and the robbery took place. Here are the details on the major Apple product heist:

Big Apple products heist

The robbers attacked the truck with $ 6 million worth of products and escaped with the products. There are witnesses in the incident that took place on 10 November 2020. After the attack, in which the truck driver and security guard were targeted, the police team started their search.

Of course, the primary target in this robbery, which is an organized crime business, was truck. The robbers hijacked the truck with Apple devices and transferred the products to another truck. After this second vehicle, it is estimated that the products are transported to a third truck because there is not even a trace of the $ 6 million Apple product.

We previously announced that AirPods and iPhones were stolen. These robberies are actually carried out to sell Apple products, which have a very high market value, on the black market for less.

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