Apple shows off Watch Series 6’s health and exercise features with a different ad

Apple has released an ad video called ‘Hello Sunshine’ on its official YouTube channel, which dramatically highlights the health and exercise features of Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple will release a statement on July 22; She shared a new Apple Watch Series 6 commercial highlighting the device’s various health-related features, such as fitness control, various types of exercise, monitoring the amount of oxygen in the blood, and fall detection.

The slogan of the commercial reads, “The future of health is on your wrist with features such as fall detection, oxygen application in the blood, and exercise follow-up.”

Apple Watch Series 6 is the first Apple Watch model to support monitoring oxygen in the blood, allowing users to quickly see oxygen levels in the blood, giving them a better idea of their overall health.

This shared ad joins Apple’s February lineup of other Apple Watch ads highlighting ECG, sleep tracking, and more.

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