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Apple Service sued for iTunes to sell user data


Apple and CEO Tim Cook, who shows that 87 million Facebook members have used his personal data unauthorized since the outbreak of the Cambridge Analytica story, is a case filed by three people in Rhode Island and Michigan who say Apple’s customers are not his products. Apple claims that iTunes will sell information on purchases without user permission.

A complaint to a federal court in San Francisco claims that Apple’s disclosure of iTunes customers’ data is not only illegal, it is also extremely dangerous. Plaintiffs, any person or business,, Married over the age of 70, with over $ 80,000 in income from Apple He says he can rent a list with the name and address of the women who are in college education. Plaintiffs also added,. Such a list is sold for $ 136 per thousand listed customers.

Based on different privacy laws for each state, the case requires $ 250 for every iTunes customer in Rhode Island disclosed by Apple to pay $ 5,000 for each customer in Michigan.

Facebook allowed 87 million users to disclose their data only to the researcher, Professor Aleksandr Kogan. Kogan turned his back and sold the information to Cambridge Analytica for the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. In the meantime, if Tim Cook had Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Cook asked what he would do, ’I wouldn’t be in that situation. If our customer had our product, we would make tons of money, we chose not to do that.


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