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Apple released a movie with iPhone

Apple released a movie with iPhone

iPhone continues to make a name for itself with film work. Now Apple has celebrated the Chinese New Year through the film made with the iPhone. Films released with the label ‘Shot on iPhone’ were shot with the iPhone 11 Pro. China is the two countries where Apple has the biggest sales.

iPhone with film celebrated New Year

Apple, as in previous years, this year also celebrated the Chinese New Year with a special sharing. Although the trade war between the US and China continued, Apple managed to increase its sales in China. Apple wants to make this income continuous, continues to work in China in private. 8-minute ‘Shot on iPhone’, ‘taken with the iPhone’ tag shared with the video, preparing to enter the new year, a woman, daughter and mother are the subject.

Apple also publishes behind-the-scenes footage of the film, 8-minute video seems to be quite a struggle. The production is reminiscent of a real movie set and can be viewed on YouTube in 1080p quality.

In addition, Apple will soon announce the best night photos taken with the iPhone. Apple began to take photos from users, again ‘Shot on iPhone’ tag will share these photos.

Here is the movie taken with the iPhone…

This is behind the scenes of the movie shot with the iPhone 11 Pro.


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