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Apple Plans A Revolutionary Change With iPhone 13: Charge Input Gets Lifted


According to Jon Prosser, known for its consistent leaks, Apple plans to remove the charging port on one of the iPhone 13 models. Apple will remove charge inputs from all iPhones in the coming years.

Apple officially introduced the iPhone 12 family last month, and one of the most emphasized features at the launch event was the MagSafe wireless charger, which can be securely connected to iPhones with the help of a magnet.

Although the MagSafe wireless charger is clearly different from other wireless charging pads with its magnetic grip and compact design, the 399 TL price tag of the device is among the factors that can slow its adoption by the masses. However, according to Jon Prosser, who has already made many hitting leaks, Apple plans to pursue an aggressive policy on MagSafe adoption.

Apple Plans A Revolutionary Change With iPhone 13: Charge Input Gets Lifted

Apple was criticized a lot when it said goodbye to the headphone jack with the iPhone 7 introduced in 2016. Coincidentally, the AirPods, the company’s first wireless headset, were also launched in the same year, and iPhone owners adopted Airpods at an incredible speed. It seems Apple is planning a similar policy for MagSafe.

According to the statements made by Jon Prosser, Apple plans to remove the charging input from its smartphones with the iPhone 13. Therefore, you will not be able to connect your wired charger or wired headset to iPhone 13.

Apple Plans A Revolutionary Change With iPhone 13: Charge Input Gets Lifted

According to Prosser, Apple also knows that removing charge input from iPhones is a “bold” move. Therefore, it plans to remove the charge input from only one, not all iPhone 13 models. Although there is currently no information about which model this model will be, we can say that it will only be the beginning. In other words, Apple plans to gradually remove the charge input on all iPhone models after the iPhone 13.

It is not difficult to guess that when Apple introduces an iPhone with no charging input, it will be criticized a lot, especially on social media, and possibly even “ridiculed” by rival smartphone manufacturers. However, we can clearly state that if Apple standardizes wireless charging, it is highly possible to see other smartphone manufacturers bid farewell to charging inputs.

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