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Apple Pay becomes the most used mobile payment platform in the US


Apple Pay, the technology giant Apple’s mobile payment platform, has become the most used mobile platform in the US. The company’s closest competitor in this area was Starbucks.

Apple Pay becomes the most used mobile payment platform in the US

In the fifth year of its launch, Apple Pay broke the record for being the US’s most used mobile payment platform for in-store purchases. According to EMarketer’s report, the closest follower of the company was the Starbucks mobile application.

Apple scored rivals

The report says that Apple Pay has 30.3 million users and the number of Starbucks mobile payment platforms is 25.2 million. In addition, Google Pay 12.1 million and Samsung Pay 10.8 million users with Apple Pay and Starbucks’ın is seen to be far behind. Apple Pay’s success lies in its acceptance by many US stores.

By 2020, 70 percent of all retailers in the country are expected to accept the form of payment for Apple Pay. EMarketer also predicts that 30 percent of smartphone users in the US will use the mobile payment platform next year. Apple Pay mobile payment system is not yet available in our country.

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