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Apple One will announce a subscription system called


According to Mark Gurman, Apple plans a new subscription system for Apple One, which will collect all its services under one subscription.

The American tech giant Apple began to pay more attention to digital products and services every day in the smartphone market. Apple Music provides various online services, such as Apple Arcade, Apple TV +, Apple News +.

According to Mark Gourman of Bloomberg, Apple plans to offer its customers service packages called Apple One. According to him, Apple will provide its customers with the opportunity to use several services in the same subscription package with Apple One packages.

Apple One will announce a subscription system called

According to Gurman, the Apple One level package will have a subscription fee of about $5. Apple One, as well as Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple News + and Apple Arcade will provide iCloud storage, which will cost $45.

According to Mark Gourmet, Apple will announce a service with iPhone 12 models and launch a special launch campaign. As you know, last year Apple introduced Apple TV + along with iPhone 11. A similar campaign can be presented for Apple customers who buy iPhone 12.

Apple said that the new iPhone will not be able to catch the launch in September and will be delayed for several weeks. Packages that will be available to Apple One can make Apple fans forget about the delay.

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