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Apple Music reaches 60 million subscribers

Apple Music reaches 60 million subscribers

The online music service Apple Music has reached 60 million subscribers. Spotfiy, its biggest rival, has announced that it has surpassed the last 100 million subscribers. The details are in our news.

When it comes to online music service, the first services that come to mind are Spotfiy and Apple Music. As a matter of fact, the competition between the two services is quite high. Apple Music announced today that it has reached 60 million subscribers. Spotify outperformed 100 million subscribers last April.

Apple Music ahead in the US

Since Apple Music is a newer service compared to Spotfiy, the rate of increase was very high at first. But it has slowed down a bit lately. For example, six months after its opening, a huge figure of 20 million was reached.

At WWDC 2019, we saw an event that was almost exclusively made up of services. Increasing the importance it attaches to subscription-based services, Apple made some announcements for Apple Music along with iOS 13. The ability to follow lyrics is an example.

In any case, Apple Music still needs a long time to capture Spotify. On the basis of the application Spotify’s Windows and Android convenience, Apple Music can not be caught with the need to underline. So if Apple wants to reach more people, they need to work more on their applications.


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