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Apple is looking for the solution for the iPhone 12 on older models!

Apple is looking for the solution for the iPhone 12 on older models!

Apple introduced the iPhone 12 family in recent weeks. Afterwards, sales expectations for new models were not met. However, this situation is changing and the demands are increasing. At the same time, the company is having problems with iPhone 12 components. The company is taking a step to prevent delays in production. Apple will seek the solution for the iPhone 12 with older iPhone models.

Apple orders over 20 million old iPhones

In the first stage, sales for the new iPhone family could not meet expectations. However, it is seen that this situation has changed, the demands have increased and the increase is expected to continue in the upcoming period. Demands for iPhone 12 are expected to increase, especially in the period when shopping will increase like New Year’s Eve. In this case, the company takes a step to avoid problems in production and supply.

Apple has ordered over 20 million old iPhones for the iPhone 12. With this step, the company plans to overcome the problems in production and supply for the new iPhone family. Older models will be used for parts support on iPhone 12 models. After the expected increase in sales, the need will be met in this way.

It is also stated that the company is still in demand for old iPhone models. IPhone 11 sales in particular continue to be surprisingly strong. At the same time, it is known that iPhone SE sales also make the brand smile. Another source says that the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max models may be halted to prevent iPhone 12 sales.

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