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Apple Goes A Fundamental Change In MacBook Design


The tech giant Apple, which announced that it will switch from Intel-based processors to ARM-based processors, may also be pursuing different changes for MacBook and MacBook Pro devices. A new patent received by the company reveals the new hinge design it is working on.

US-based technology giant Apple announced at WWDC 2020 (World Developers Conference) that it will switch from Intel-based processors to ARM-based processors. The first examples of this issue are thought to be given with MacBook and MacBook Pro. It seems that changes will happen not only inside but also outside.

The new Macs will also look like older Mac devices, with a thinner bezel and larger screen. However, a new document shows that the company is working on a radical change in hinge design.

Hinge design patent for MacBooks from Apple

Details on Apple’s new hinge design are revealed in the patent titled “Hinges for Electronic and Accessory Devices”. The new hinge consists of parts that move and stay stationary between them. Apple’s new hinge design is very similar to the design Microsoft uses in Surface Book 3.

According to the news in Forbes, although Apple uses a similar hinge system with Microsoft, the difference is that Apple uses multiple movement parts and spacers. Looking at the above patent designs, it is seen that it is not limited to a traditional laptop-style device.

Although the drawings in the patent are similar to Microsoft’s Surface Book, the mechanisms and the final form of the product will reveal various differences. As we said in our previous patent news, the fact that a patent has been applied for and this patent has been published does not mean that this device will definitely come to life.

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