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Apple founder Steve Jobs may be alive!

Apple founder Steve Jobs may be alive!

An interesting claim about Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011 and is not forgotten with his different personality, is on the social media agenda. According to the photo Steve Jobs may have lived a quiet life in Syria. Does Steve Jobs live? The claim and the picture of Steve Jobs emerging

Does Steve Jobs live?

In a post shared by a user on Reddit, Steve Jobs allegedly scrambled a photo of a person taken in a country similar to Syria and Egypt. In the photo, the person claimed to be Steve Jobs is sitting in a casual outfit and shoes without the appropriate local clothing. The watch on the person’s arm was seen as another remarkable detail. While many conspiracies are being produced among Reddit users, the mainstay of this conspiracy is the fact that Steve Jobs’ father is a Syrian.

It is not clear whether Steve Jobs, who is known for his different personality and made many documentaries, is the person in this picture. The most powerful claim put forward about this photograph, which is likely to be withdrawn before, is that Steve Jobs pretended to be dead to lead a comfortable life.

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