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Apple face mask out of the box!

Apple face mask out of the box!

Shortly after the Corona virus outbreak, Apple decided to close its stores all over the world, and switched its employees to the home working system. First, stores in China, where the virus originated, were opened, and in turn, other Apple Store stores began to serve gradually.

The Apple face mask was designed by the company!

Within the scope of the measures taken, while a limited number of customers were accepted in the stores, the face mask prepared by Apple to protect employees against the virus came to light. Unbox Therapy, which is the first channel that comes to mind when it comes to box opening, released Apple face mask as a video.

It is stated that the mask was designed by the engineering and industrial design teams of the company for the use of corporate and retail employees.

The box of the mask also draws attention. Because it is seen that there are details such as production date and serial number as well as the statement “Designed by Apple in California and brought together in China” as we are used to Apple products.

What do you think of Apple face mask? You can share your views with us from the comments section.

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