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Apple Emphasizes iPhone’s Privacy in New Ad

Apple Emphasizes iPhone’s Privacy in New Ad

Apple has released a new one-minute ad video that highlights the privacy of the iPhone. The video emphasizes how much private data you have on your smartphones and that it should belong to you.

The new ad highlighting the privacy of the iPhone shows different sections from a city in the darkness of the night, and the narrator underlines how much private data we have on our smartphones and how important privacy is.

Indeed, nowadays, you have more private data on your smartphones than at home. You should take this into consideration.

The ad continues to emphasize a variety of proprietary information, such as our current position and health data. The motion video zooms in on an iPhone 11 Pro user in an apartment after passing through the city.

In the description of the ad on YouTube, Apple said, “We believe your privacy should never be something you should question. It should be simple, straightforward and understandable.” expressions.

Watch Apple’s new ad video below:

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