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Apple denied the claims of Google’s iPhone!

Apple denied the claims of Google’s iPhone!

Google’s Project Zero security research team announced details of an iOS operating system vulnerability last week. The Project Zero team described the vulnerability as an one of the biggest attacks on iPhone users..

Apple’s response to Google’s claims was not delayed on this vulnerability, the details of which we shared with you. Let’s remember the details that Google shared about the vulnerability before Apple’s response.

Apple: Google’s iPhone claims are unrealistic!

According to the team, the iPhone user had to visit the website with malware. The virus is infected every 60 seconds to play files and the location of the device focuses on sending other resources.

Stating that Google is misleading people, Apple said the vulnerability remained active for 2 months, not 2 years. Additionally, the vulnerability on a limited number of websites has become obsolete after iOS 12.1.4.

Another detail that angers Apple is that Google announced this deficit after 10 days. Normally, the Project Zero team waits 90 days after reporting any security breaches to the parent company and then shares its details with the public.

Stating that the vulnerability was eliminated in February, Apple says “security is a never-ending journey ve and iOS security is“ unique ”. In addition, the company says it takes responsibility for end-to-end encryption on all its devices and software.

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