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Apple could produce 80 million iPhone 12 series phones this year!

Apple could produce 80 million iPhone 12 series phones this year!

Apple will soon introduce the first 5G series of smartphones. 5G Apple smartphone series is released 18 months after the first 5G of the phone. The main reason why the company is delaying 5G support may be the expectation of the spread of 5G infrastructure. Companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi have already introduced their smartphones with 5G support. Apple users are curiously waiting for new iPhone with support for 5G.

How many iPhone 12 series phones does Apple plan to produce this year?

Assumptions say that the iPhone 12 series will be represented by at least four models. A recent report claims that Apple’s suppliers will produce 75-80 million 5G supported phones this year. Of course, this is just a hypothesis. We’ll know if this report is true soon. At the end of October, Apple introduced the iPhone 12 and Watch Series 6. In addition, some reports show that the company will hold an event in September. The event is expected to feature a new generation of iPad.

According to the new report DigiTimes, the browser LiDAR will be available at the upcoming iPhone 12. This browser was used in the automotive industry. The LiDAR sensor provides 3D object detection and fast distance calculation. We will learn more about the detailed technical characteristics of the equipment and LiDAR at the launch in October.

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