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Apple confirmed the delay iPhone 12


Earlier it became known that iPhone 12 will be postponed due to the discovery of the influence of Coronavir on the sector. Apple CFO has confirmed that the iPhone 12 series will be postponed.

Coronavirus has had an extremely negative impact in the field of smartphones, as in most sectors of the world. When many companies had supply chain failures, we saw that from time to time the expected products were postponed. One of these postponements occurred in a new series of iPhone, which we expected with great curiosity.

Statements by John Prosser, who has shared reliable information so far, and statements by Qualcomm’s CFO’su Akash Palkiwala caused a sad development for the iPhone 12 series.

Apple confirmed the delay iPhone 12

Both names indicated that Apple postponed the iPhone 12 series to October, which will be the new iPhone series. After a short period after these statements, tech giant Apple confirmed that iPhone 12 was postponed.

Apple CFO Luca Maestri confirmed the situation with the announcement he made in his call for earnings, where he announced financial results for the period. Maestri said in the call, ‘As you know, we started selling iPhones in late September. We expect the supply to be a few weeks later this year. ‘ found in the description.

In fact, claims about the transfer of iPhone 12 have begun not only recently. The supply chain, badly damaged led by Coronavir, also caused Apple’s first claims to postpone iPhone 12. At the beginning of the week, Qualcomm announced that the delivery of smartphones will be 15% lower than in the current quarter 5G since “an unnamed customer may postpone the release of his flagship phone in global 5G.”

Apple CFO Luca Maestri said the company is not going to delay iPhone 12. However, iPhone 12 will be determined with an explanation as to whether the presentation date will be changed.

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