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Apple confirmed that iPhone 12 is delayed!

Apple confirmed that iPhone 12 is delayed!

Despite the fact that Apple annually introduces new iPhone models in September, Corona has complaints about the delay in introducing the iPhone 12 series due to the virus epidemic. After a long silence, all the accusations that have been made recently have been confirmed by Apple.

Apple CFO Luca Maestri, Reporting Fiscal Third Quarter 2020; “Last year, we started selling iPhone models at the end of September, expecting them to go on sale in a few weeks this year.” used expressions.

Maestri did not comment on the reason for the delay iPhone 12, but would like to recall that the Wall Street Journal announced a production delay of a month earlier this year. This was talked about a few months ago, when new models of iPhone appeared.

Of course, it is not yet clear whether changes will be made to the launch date. Apple, which introduced new iPhone in September, began sending devices to users by the end of the month. But it is not known whether the devices are ready by October this year. Currently, the introduction of devices is expected in September, and deliveries will begin a little later.

This is not the first time. iPhone X was announced from iPhone 8 in September 2017. iPhone XR was introduced in September 2018. However, the LCD was delayed due to problems with the production of the display.

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