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Apple Clarified The Question Of Whether Windows Will Run On Macs With M1 Processors


Apple officials interviewed by Ars Technica explained that the new M1 processor Macs could run the Windows operating system. But it was also stated that this decision was entirely up to Microsoft.

About 2 weeks ago, Apple held an event where it introduced new Mac computer models. But the star of the event was not Mac computers, but Apple’s M1 processor. For the first time, Apple did not include an Intel processor in Mac models and installed a self-developed M1 processor on these computers.

Apple has stated many times during the event that the M1 processor has increased the performance of computers by a factor. But users have so far failed to get the answer to a question: could Windows be used on Macs with M1 processors? Here is the answer to this question was given by Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple.

Microsoft’s Decision:

Apple Clarified The Question Of Whether Windows Will Run On Macs With M1 Processors

Craig Federighi, one of the Apple officials who spoke to Ars Technica, responded to the question of whether the ARM version of the Windows operating system could be run through emulation. The answer to that question that those who wanted to buy the new Mac were wondering was as follows:

“We have all the core technologies to enable Microsoft to run the ARM version of Windows and, of course, support x86 applications. But licensing the technology to enable users to run the technology on Macs is a decision Microsoft has to make. Macs can certainly do that.”

In addition to this problem, Craig continued to provide information about his new processors, and also made a statement about Intel support. Craig stated that they were not creating a new branch of macOS, they were developing a universal operating system that could run on both systems. At the end of the interview, Craig Federighi and his co-stars Greg Joswiak and Johny Srouji expressed excitement about Apple’s transition process.

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