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Apple can use LTPO display technology on future iPhone models


There are likely to be changes in Apple’s plans for the future. According to the leaked information, the company can use Apple Watch’s low-power LTPO display technology on future iPhone models.

Apple can use LTPO display technology on future iPhone models

One of the technology giants, Apple, the company’s smart watch series, the Apple Watch models began to use OLED display, and soon after the same technology was used in iPhone models. Looking at the news, a similar situation can be experienced again.

Provides ultra-low power consumption

Elec, one of South Korea’s trusted technology sources, wrote a new report that plans to bring Apple’s low-power LTPO technology (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) to iPhone models. The report does not include a lot of details, but Apple’s iPhone screens will be made after 2020 said that the change.

Both the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 models utilize LTPO display technology, where the on-screen pixels can be switched on and off independently of each other, resulting in ultra-low power consumption. This makes an incredible contribution to the battery life of smart watches. If Apple introduces this technology to iPhone models, it is possible to say that the battery life of the devices will be greatly improved. Not to mention that there is currently no official statement on this matter.


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