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Apple Arcade Opened Early Access for Some Users


Apple Arcade, which upset game enthusiasts with the announced price, drew attention to the early opening for some users. It comes with many different game options as well as creating an original gaming platform.

Considering a few tweets sent to MacRumors, Apple Arcade is expected to be released before the scheduled date. Currently available on some models, iOS 13 or iOS 13.1 Beta versions are used on devices running Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade, recently introduced by Apple, is now a new platform to host more than 100 games. There will be no purchase of add-ons in any of the games in Apple Arcade, which includes the games of many famous producers, and an ad-free service will be offered.

Images with membership information are shared:

Images with membership information are shared:

MacRumors also shared some of the membership information forms with their readers. The form, which you can review from the above, can be interpreted as proof that Apple Arcade is available for early access for some users. Apple Arcade, which you can’t use without a member, will be priced at $ 4.99 abroad after being free for the first month.

Comes with rich content:

Currently around 60 games are available for download, while all downloadable games will be announced soon. Apple’s announcement that it will regularly load different games into Apple Arcade, which will include many games from puzzles to action games, RPG games to online games.

The games will come as fully playable without internet access. After you become a member, you will have the right to download as many games as you like without any download limit.

Apple Arcade, which has not been finalized yet, is enriched with new applications day by day and its errors are fixed. Bringing a new platform to the gaming world, Apple Arcade has attracted the attention of many users.

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