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Apple Announces Innovative Artificial Intelligence System Overton


Apple, after innovations with the iOS 13 now called Overton, a machine learning system that has never been done before and announced their expectations about this system. According to company statements, expectations from Overton are high.

Apple sponsors the Interspeech 2019 conference this week. As part of this program, Apple’s machine learning team will also be present at the conference, making some explanations about the machine learning based work it is developing.

According to the statements made, Apple, a program that understands the tone of emotions and intentions to make a presentation on the program, as well as plans to improve the recognition of speech and fine discrepancies in conversations will showcase his work on better discernment.

Overton was actually an expected system:

Overton was actually an expected system

Although it is not known whether a video will be made available to the public or not, it is expected that more clear explanations will be made in the coming days. Since Apple has announced its work in this field since 2017 on different platforms, it is necessary to say that the new algorithm is not an unexpected development.

What’s Overton gonna do?

Apple said that Overton is the first of its kind and made some explanations about the new algorithm they designed. In many of the questions you ask, bul I have found the following, which directs you to different sources, Siri is planned to provide the most accurate answers to complex questions without making you a reliable source with this developed algorithm.

Apple said the main purpose of the system was to make things self-sufficient, while also adding that Overton will personalize the phones for the user. It is also stated that the main focus of Overton is to manage increasing data and provide program-based control. It shouldn’t be hard to predict that Apple’s move will improve Siri in the future.

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