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Apple and Foxconn violate Chinese law


Apple and its manufacturing partner, Foxconn, have faced alleged violations of Chinese business laws in iPhone production.

Apple and Foxconn violate Chinese law

Apple Inc. and its manufacturing partner, Foxconn, violated Chinese business laws by employing too many temporary staff at the world’s largest iPhone manufacturing facility. Both companies confirmed that they had violated the law following the report, which also mentioned harsh working conditions.

Apple and Foxconn violate Chinese law

According to BloombergHT’nin allegations, Apple’s new iPhone models on Tuesday before the event will be introduced in the report published by China Labor Monitoring. China’s non-profit advocacy group following the conditions in factories in China, China Labor Monitoring, Apple partners in the past revealed other labor rights violations, he said.

In its latest report, the Chinese Labor Monitoring Group noted that secret researchers have been working at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory in China, including four years. Among the violations found by researchers is that in August, about half of the workforce was made up of temporary workers. Under Chinese labor laws, temporary workers can account for a maximum of 10 percent of the workforce.

Apple, said the investigation, after the walk, the number of temporary workers determined that the company is above the standards and Foxconn to work closely to solve this problem, he said. After finding the problem, the company said that they are working with suppliers to take immediate action to correct them. Foxconn Technology Group also confirmed the violation of the number of temporary workers after the operational review.


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