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Apple and Broadcom to pay CalTech $ 1.1 billion for patent infringement


Apple’s head is still in trouble because of a patent infringement. The California Institute of Technology (CalTech) received $ 1.1 billion in compensation in the patent lawsuit filed against Apple and Broadcom.

Apple and Broadcom to pay CalTech $ 1.1 billion for patent infringement

Technology giant Apple has troubled days in patent infringement by one of its chip suppliers. The California Institute of Technology (CalTech) won the compensation case it filed against Apple and Broadcom for violating Wi-Fi patents.

Can create problems between the two companies

CalTech has earned a total of $ 1.1 billion in compensation from Apple and Broadcom. The court decided that $ 837.8 million of this compensation would be paid by Apple and the remaining $ 270.2 million by Broadcom. It is stated that Apple will try to break the crime to Broadcom by objecting to this situation.

The relationship between Apple and Broadcom is important to both companies. Because last week, Apple signed a $ 15 billion supply agreement with the chip maker. In addition, Apple accounts for a fifth of Broadcom revenues. Therefore, it is already a question of whether this decision taken by the court will cause problems between the two companies.

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