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Apple alerts iPhone 5 users to update


Due to the GPS time adjustment that takes place every 20 years, iPhone 5s before iOS 10.3.4 are expected to have some problems. Apple also warned users to update.

Apple alerts iPhone 5 users to update

The GPS network keeps the number of weeks to 10 bits. This means that the number of weeks rounds every 1023 weeks. The first round took place on 21 August 1999 and the second round took place on 6 April 2019. IPhone and iPad models produced before 2012 will be affected by this change on November 3. Apple also warns users to update their devices.

GPS feature will not work

iPhone 5, iPad (4th Generation), iPad mini (1st Generation), etc. Apple devices will have problems with GPS time changes. Apple has released the iOS 10.3.4 and iOS 9.3.6 update to fix the problem. However, the warning began to go to those who do not update their devices. This warning states that the devices will be updated until November 3, otherwise the GPS feature will not be available. In addition, warnings sent to the iPhone 5 App Store, iCloud, e-mail services and problems such as access to the internet may experience problems.

Users who have not made the update until 3 November will have to back up their device and update it. So you will not be able to update OTA (over-the-air).

According to Apple’s figures, only 9 percent of iOS users use iOS 12 and earlier. Among these devices is known to be relatively up-to-date hardware. If we narrow the number with devices older than 4 years, we reach a very low rate of 7 percent. In short, there will be a small number of users before iOS 10.3.4 who will be affected.

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