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Apple AirPower has come up again!

Apple AirPower has come up again!

In late March, Apple canceled AirPower on the grounds that it did not meet its expectations. A new patent has brought Apple AirPower back to the agenda.

The wireless charger, which many users had been waiting for long periods of time, would be able to charge three devices at the same time, according to reports. After a long period of time, the company made a statement at the end of March and stated that they canceled the project due to the high expectations for the product.

However, Apple’s recent AirPower patent has been able to create hope for many people. The new patent from WIPO has raised some questions in the minds of users.

The new patent received may indicate that the company may be considering reconsidering the canceled project. Especially with the problems of overheating and not being able to charge the three devices at the same time at the same balance, AirPower can reach a more sedentary system with changes in some features.

Although no announcement has been made by the company, a new announcement is expected to be made soon. How do you evaluate this step? Do you think Apple will start working on this canceled project again?


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