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Another interesting product from Xiaomi: Smart speaker

Another interesting product from Xiaomi: Smart speaker

Xiaomi periodically rises to the market with interesting products, this time the Chinese manufacturer is gaining momentum using smart speakers. For Xiaomi, which produces countless smart devices from a washing machine to a smartphone, this product should not be unusual. Our news includes information about the “Xiaomi Touchscreen Speaker Pro,” a smart speaker with a Xiaomi touchscreen.

Xiaomi smart speaker: Redmi XiaoAI Touchscreen Speaker Pro introduced

This dynamic differs from other market speakers. The most visible of them is the touch screen. The speaker has a tablet-like user interface. Supports not only Bluetooth, but also Wifi technology. The screen is 8 inches closer to the tablet. And, unfortunately, only Chinese.

We can say that the loudspeaker is very good for the battery. This smart speaker has a 4700 mAh lithium battery. This battery can use 4.5 hours. One of the great functions of the screen is 1200 × 800 resolution. Resolution sufficient for this size screen.

Redmi XiaaAY Touchscreen Speaker Pro is designed to be used as a tablet in the kitchen, office or home, not as a musical experience.

This dynamic will be sold in China on September 8 at a price of $73.

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