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Annoys with Android 10 splash screen issue!

Annoys with Android 10 splash screen issue!

Google’s release of Android 10 final version has not yet been over 24 hours. Android 10, which can now be installed in the Google Pixel series, offers dozens of innovations, from dark mode support to detailed privacy settings.

The update, which has been distributed throughout the world via OTA, is on the agenda with the opening screen issue. Earlier Android versions had similar problems and users had to wait a long time on the boot screen.

Android 10 on the agenda with the opening screen problem

Google forum users who opened the subject, Android 10 have to wait about 30 minutes after installing, he says. There are even users who have been waiting for 6 hours on the boot screen.

So far, Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a users have reported a problem. In this context, the problem is not limited to a single device, while those facing the opening screen problem can try a few solutions.

Google 10’s factory images can be downloaded directly from the computer by downloading Android 10 factory images. Of course, this may cause deletion of files inside the device.

Another solution is to get Google Pixel into recovery mode and return to Android 9 Pie. Experiments on multiple Pixel models show that you need to wait up to half an hour after installing Android 10.


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