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Announced new camera modules for Fairphone 3


Fairphone announced new camera modules for the Fairphone 3 modular smartphone and introduced the Fairphone 3 Plus model, into which the modules are directly integrated.

About a year ago, FairPhone introduced the new Fairphone 3 modular smartphone, and now an updated version of this smartphone has officially announced Fairphone 3 Plus. Fairphone, which offers almost no innovation compared to its predecessor, except for camera equipment, also announced new modules that Fairphone 3 owners can update camera equipment.

Original Fairphone 3; Sony on the back camera with the sensor. Despite the fact that it was a sensor used by Google in Pixel models, the lag of Fairphone from Google in terms of camera software led the company to not be able to fully use this sensor.

Announced new camera modules for Fairphone 3

Fairphone 3 Plus have a S10 Isocell 48MP sensor which we also know on the Samsung Galaxy GM1 Lite and Redmi Note 9 models. The front camera Fairphone 3 with 8 MP also receives a new 16 MP sensor with the Plus model. The remaining functions of the device are identical to Fairphone 3.

As you know, Fairphone is a modular phone consisting of six sections, unlike a standard smartphone. So you can replace any of these six parts for repair or upgrade. To do this, the company, along with Fairphone 3 Plus, will sell internal future camera modules externally to Fairphone 3 owners so that they can update their devices.

Fairphone 3 models come with a plastic case, unlike most medium and high-end devices. However, Fairphone shows that in Fairphone 3, introduced last year, the share of recycled plastic is 9 percent, up to 40 percent in Fairphone 3 Plus. This reduces the carbon footprint of the device and attaches importance to the plastic body.

Fairphone 3 owners will be able to upgrade their devices with new camera modules for $70. In addition, the Fairphone 3 Plus will sell for $449, and the Fairphone 3 will only sell for $469 for $20. Note that Fairphone 3 Plus will be released from Android 10, and Fairphone 3 will receive an update in September.

Fairphone 3 Plus features

  1. 5.7 inch FHD resolution, Gorilla Glass 5 screen (18: 9 aspect ratio)
  2. Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor
  3. 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage (can be increased with microSD card support)
  4. 16 megapixel front camera
  5. 48-megapixel rear camera
  6. Fingerprint reader sensor
  7. Android 10 operating system
  8. Dual nano-SIM support
  9. 3,000 mAh battery (fast charging supported)
  10. Bluetooth 4.2, NFC support

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