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Android TV adds the data saving feature to see more content

Android TV adds the data saving feature to see more content

Google present makes a few new functions for its platform Android TV for smart devices with limited connections, including a data-saving mode that allows the user to view up to 3 times more content with the same mobile data, as it does YouTube.

The new data saving mode of Android TV was presented along with three other new functions aimed at smart TVs in homes without Wi-Fi networks, in which users share data from the phone, according to an official statement from Google, which launch these functions first in India and then to the rest of the world:

The data saving mode of Android TV is the main feature of the new functions, and allows users of this platform, with limited data connections, to use mobile data with a lower consumption, allowing to see up to three times more content using the same amount than in the standard version.

In addition, three additional functions for Android TV are added: first, an alert system to warn of the consumption of mobile data from the TV; and second, a guide to explain how to synchronize an Android TV to a shared mobile wifi point.

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