Android 12 Developer Preview 3 is out! Here’s what’s new

Tech giant Google today released the third developer version of Android 12 as planned. As the company heads towards beta testing, it is now nearing the final of the developer version with Android 12 Developer Preview 3.

Beta testing will begin next month, according to Google’s roadmap. That’s why Developer Preview 3 will be the last update for developers. Thus, other companies will test the innovations of Android 12 on their devices.

Android 12 Beta is progressing step by step towards the release

As Google approaches the Beta phase; he said developers should be prepared to test compatibility in their applications. In summary, he pointed out that applications are made available according to the new operating system.

According to the plans, the Beta phase of the new operating system will be completed next August and will now be stable. In short, the company will make the new operating system available to everyone in the process.

If we talk about the Developer Preview 3 update, this version brings several new features and optimizations. For example, developers; apps, and apps can experience new tactile feedback on the start screen.

For both users and developers, this may be the most obvious feature in Developer Preview 3. In terms of work, it’s similar to Apple’s Force Touch.

Android 12 DP3, on the other hand, also offers a new search template that allows users to more easily manage incoming and ongoing calls. This innovation that Google has brought; search app and chat apps. It is also possible to personalize with color and other settings.

Another change that comes with the new version is related to video encodings. With the company’s latest developer release, new APIs for high-resolution cameras have arrived.

You can currently use Android 12 Developer Preview 3 on Phones on Google Pixel 3 and later. You can install the new update manually from the developer’s site or with OTA.

But it is worth remembering once again that phones other than the Pixel will not be able to experience this version. This is because the new operating system for third-party manufacturers will be available in beta from next month.

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