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Android 10 released!

Android 10 released!

Rumors came true and released Android 10 as of today September 3. With hundreds of innovations from dark mode support to more privacy settings, Android 10 is now available for Pixel series phones.

Google made a surprise about the update. In this context, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, as well as support for the update of the Pixel and Pixel XL models also received the Android 10 update.

Of course, smartphones participating in the Android 10 Beta program of brands from Xiaomi to LG will receive the Android 10 update in a short time.

The update, which includes the September security patches, is distributed from OTA as usual. Therefore, it may take several days for all Pixel models to receive the update. Here’s what’s new with the new version of Android!

Android 10 features: Better privacy than dark mode!

Android 10’s most prominent innovation, which has been farewell to the sweet names that have been used since the beginning of the Android operating system, as mentioned earlier, support for dark mode as well as a new gesture navigation system that saves users from the navigation bar has been added.

However, the backward movement, which is still widely used in many applications and prevents sliding drawers, can create some problems. To do this, developers need to optimize applications, which means some time.

Thanks to the screen recording, no external programs are needed, similar to iPhones. The smart responses feature offers a variety of transaction suggestions based on incoming notifications. For example, when someone sends you a location, they suggest opening it directly with Google Maps.

Aside from these, as we mentioned above, there are more effective common solutions for privacy. The new version of Android comes with 50 new privacy and security settings. The most important of these is to limit location tracking only when the application is running.

This allows you to prevent applications that need a location from reaching your location when it is not being used. When applications try to violate it, the user is notified directly.

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