Analysis: How Will Joe Biden Becoming President of the USA Affect The Technology World and Us?


Joe Biden, whom we previously saw as Obama’s deputy, will serve as President of the United States for the next 4 years after everything is finalized. He will hear his name very often with his explanations and decisions; we will see that almost most of them are related to technology. But how will all of this affect us who live thousands of kilometers away?

Behind almost all technological devices, services and facilities we use today, there are the signatures of one or more US companies. Our smartphones, computers, operating systems, applications, paid subscription services, advertising services, e-commerce companies… It is difficult to count the technologies exported by the USA, it is impossible to say that it has no effect on our lives.

In 2016, during the term of Donald Trump, who took office in place of Obama, we saw that the Presidential office, which was elected by the US people and therefore seems to concern only the United States, actually affects us thousands of kilometers away. This was true of all previous US presidents though. However, what happened during the Trump era was felt more closely than ever with the effect of technology.

Analysis How Will Joe Biden Becoming President of the USA Affect The Technology World and Us

The declining trust in social media and the internet with the Cambridge Analytica scandal that broke out in 2017, followed by the escalating US-China trade war and its consequences were only a small part of what happened. Even if we now close ourselves to these issues, it was roughly “technology” that allowed us to witness everything more closely.

Joe Biden: “Climate change, nuclear armament, international terrorism, cyber warfare, destructive new technologies, mass immigration… None of these can be solved by the USA or any country acting alone.”

Analysis How Will Joe Biden Becoming President of the USA Affect The Technology World and Us 1

These words that Biden made in a speech he gave before the election actually reveal how important technological possibilities and environments are in every field. We can see the statements as a call for unity and as a positive approach in the first place. However, Biden and the US will want to take other countries the way they want.

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These details, Biden expressed positively, are not limited to the speeches of men in suits in large buildings. It affects all of our lives through technology, this effect is increasing day by day. In other words, “our ears are ringing” even if the “bombs” explode so far that we cannot hear the sound.

The only thing Trump and Biden have in common: hatred for China

Analysis How Will Joe Biden Becoming President of the USA Affect The Technology World and Us 2

For years, we have witnessed the commercial war between the USA and China, focusing on the technology sector. During this war, the US cited China’s Apple, Huawei and ZTE, as a “national security threat”; even the Pentagon almost expelled Huawei; He banned the sale of phones in the country, sought agreements with other companies for 5G infrastructure, broke up with Google and cut application and service support.

In addition, the US only wants to see its own companies Facebook, Twitter and Google unrivaled in the field of social media. That’s why he’s doing his best to end China-based TikTok. Trump even put serious pressure on US companies to buy TikTok’s US operations and forced giants like Microsoft and Oracle to take action on this issue.

The reason why social media is the reason for the fight between the two countries is quite clear: Big data, because big data now also makes more money than oil. Instead of “bringing democracy” to the lands of other countries for oil; It wants to retain its data power, also known as “digital oil”, by fighting digital competition with China.

Analysis How Will Joe Biden Becoming President of the USA Affect The Technology World and Us 3

“If our companies continue to steal our technologies and intellectual property, we need to harden against China.” It is useful to carefully read the following words of Joe Biden, who said:

“China cannot afford to ignore half of the global economy (half means the USA). If we take a common stand, it provides significant support for shaping the rules of the future route, from the environment to labor trade, from technology to transparency. Thus, we can reflect the values of Russia, not China, but America. “

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“The West has no time to waste while setting the new rules of the global economy and the digital age. The freedom of twenty-first century technologies and more democracy, not to prevent democracy; We must ensure that it is used to promote shared prosperity. As new technologies shape our society, we need to ensure that these technologies are bound by laws and ethics. “

The issue of “American support”:

Analysis How Will Joe Biden Becoming President of the USA Affect The Technology World and Us 4

Joe Biden, like all previous US presidents, will use his country’s economic, political and technological sanctions power as an important trump card in the international arena. So much so that Biden says “American support” will be offered only to countries that make a commitment to democracy and human rights. He even makes this clear with his statements, “I want to make democracy once again the keyword of US foreign policy.”

What is meant by American support is quite clear: Anyone who acts in accordance with US interests can trade more easily, earn more money, have different opportunities.

In summary, Biden wants to bring back the period when the USA was dominant and leader in the global economy. To do this, instead of underground resources; It has to turn to the information resources in our pockets and homes, to leadership in the digital sectors. US rivals or discord allies under Biden may face harsh sanctions.

Do tech companies like Biden?

Analysis How Will Joe Biden Becoming President of the USA Affect The Technology World and Us 5

According to the latest analysis published by Wired, 95% of Silicon Valley employees supported Joe Biden in the election. In addition, Silicon Valley employees provided a total of $ 4.7 million in support to Biden’s pre-election donation campaign. On the other hand, Trump’s donation campaign was able to raise 239 thousand dollars in support.

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This analysis of Google (Alphabet), Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Oracle employees shows that the employees love Biden. But this love can disappear when the tax convenience Trump has provided is gone. Also, just as Biden’s international policies will affect other countries and us, they can also affect technology companies. Time will tell the future of this relationship, where we can talk about mutual love for now.

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