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An Unknown Google Device Occurs in the FCC


A new media device from Google appeared on the FCC website, but there is no information at the moment about what happened. A new Google-owned media device was discovered by Droid Life on the FCC website. The model with the model number H2B is listed with the code 2 A4RH2B Model.

If this device is similar to previous designs, it may indicate that it is one of the Google Home products. Let’s make a few inferences from the information on the FCC site:

The oval shape that appears in the image indicates that the device is designed to stand on a level surface and is likely to be used from the front and rear. However, the image does not contain any information about the size, so it can be of any size.

The FCC has tested the device for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. According to the information, the device will have a lithium ion battery. This indicates that the device is rechargeable. In addition, Droid Life says there will be no display on the device.

Finally, in the general description of the FCC document, the device is described as a asında Media Device Son. Previous devices such as Home Hub were described as ’Video Broadcasting Device Home. According to some estimates, this device may be a portable in-car device, a security device or a smart controller.


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