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Ambitious technical details about Apple’s new accessory

Ambitious technical details about Apple’s new accessory

New information about the follow-up accessory, which is expected to be introduced by Apple on September 10, has emerged.

The Tile-like tracking accessory, signed by Apple on September 10, will be quite different from technically similar solutions, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. It is said to be based on ultra-wideband or UWB technology. UWB support, which will also be available on the 2019 iPhone models, is technically more precise than Bluetooth LE and WiFi at the point of location. The technology, which is said to reduce the 5-meter positioning in the interior to a full 5-10 cm level, measures the transfer time of radio waves between the two devices (here iPhone and the tracking device) and thus enables very precise positioning. It looks really nice too. The accessory that will allow you to find the lost / forgotten product as if it were put by hand may not work with old devices. However, it is expected that Bluetooth LE support can be provided for older devices. In the past months iOS 13 codes found in the product, it goes by the code name B389 in the company. The product, which is named under different names such as tracking device, tracking accessory or label hardware, works in connection with the “Find My ”application that comes with iOS 13.

Apple has created many software features for the tracking accessory

From what we hear, it is said that the product will be able to set safe zones on the basis of the application and will not give a “forgotten” notification. When this mode is turned on, the product comes with information that will include every iPhone owner in the search process. This useful accessory, which is said to be based on augmented reality and will use it in the process of finding the object, is said to be powered by a single watch battery.


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