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Amazon’s test-stage device can understand human emotions


The US e-commerce company, Amazon, is working on a device that can understand their emotions by listening to human voice.If the device is successful, the company is expected to provide a big advantage in e-commerce.

According to the news on the Bloomberg site, the new device that Amazon is working on will be able to understand people’s emotions thanks to the microphone it has.

According to the site’s information based on a person working on the project, the beta version of the device is currently being tested, the trial product is not known exactly what technical features.It is estimated that new technology is giving Amazon a more successful target-oriented advertising and giving users a great opportunity to recommend products.It is believed that the company, which is currently targeting too much criticism due to the collection of users ‘ personal data, will be more on the agenda for privacy with the introduction of new technology.

When the new device detects an abnormal change in human voice or a person’s nose, it can predict the disease and give the recipe for a meal that is suitable for that disease.When Amazon’s new project is to be used, the world’s largest companies, such as Alphabet and Microsoft, are developing technologies to understand people’s emotions from images, sounds, and other inputs.


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