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Amazon Pending Permission to Launch More Than 3,000 New Satellites into Space

Amazon Pending Permission to Launch More Than 3,000 New Satellites into Space

Within the scope of Project Kuiper, which aims to make internet access all over the world, Amazon will place 3,326 satellites in orbit. Approval is expected from the US authorities for the project.

Amazon, the internet giant, aims to create a global internet network by sending 3,326 satellites to space. Pending approval from the FCC for this goal, Amazon, with the launch of satellites to reach users to date has been able to provide services. Let us remind you that Elon Musk has a similar project.

Amazon, who wants to equip space with satellites with its project Project Kuiper, explained the project as follows:

Project Kuiper will provide high-speed broadband internet connection with low latency rates with satellites that will be placed into orbit in places where there is not enough internet service in the world. This is a long-term project aimed at serving tens of millions of people without broadband internet access. In this initiative, we look forward to cooperating with companies that share a common vision with us.

Technology companies are carrying out serious efforts to spread internet access to all humanity. Facebook’s goal of providing internet services with drones and Elon Musk’s Project Kuiper-like satellite docking project excites us about the future of the internet world, but these satellites may turn our planet’s orbit into a space dump in the future. It is not yet known how the FCC will respond to Amazon.


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