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Amazon Luna is on early access

Amazon Luna is on early access

Amazon Luna, which has managed to make a name for itself in recent days, became the agenda again with early access. Luna, game service such as Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now and Microsoft xCloud, is being tested by a limited number of users. This will determine how the system is used by users. However, it is aimed to eliminate the errors that occur.

The new cloud-based game system, recently introduced, is not the first in its field. Other large companies continue their investments in this area. The introduction of new systems by companies also benefits players. Because the aim of the developed systems to be better than the competitors and the price policy direct companies to special studies.

Amazon Luna in early access

It is stated that thousands of applications have been made for the game service, which started trials shortly after its introduction. When it was stated in the statement that a limited number of users can try, the players created a heavy application traffic. In the statement made later, it was stated that the applications could not be reached. It was reported that some players are currently invited to the game service, and some will be invited next month.

With early access, feedback will be received from players for Amazon Luna. Thanks to these feedbacks, it is aimed to make the system better. Currently, more than 50 games have met with players on Luna + Game Channel. It was also stated that players will soon have the opportunity to play Assasin’s Creed Valhalla on Ubisoft Channel.

The subscription service, which is $ 6 per month, needs to be started for games that can be tried in early access. Luna Fire TV is available on PC and Mac. It is also possible to play games with applications developed for iPhone and iPad.

To play the games, you need a Bluetooth-enabled controller. However, Amazon is also known for its controller, Luna Controller. The early access price of the controller in question is also around $ 50. The Alexa voice control system is also positioned in this controller.

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