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Amazon Decides to Donate Unsold Products

Amazon Decides to Donate Unsold Products

Amazon, one of the largest names in the retail sector, normally shreds and destroys un-sold products from third-party companies that remain in its warehouse. Amazon decided to donate these products instead of smashing them.

Amazon is unquestionably one of the world’s largest retailers. The US company operates in many countries. The company not only sells retail products, but also provides third-party vendors with a platform to deliver their products to customers.

According to the new decision, the company will donate instead of destroying goods belonging to third-party manufacturers who have been waiting in their warehouses for a certain period of time. The remaining products will be shared with NGOs.

First in the US and UK will be implemented

In the works to be carried out within the scope of the project, which will be called Fullfilled by Amazon Donations, it was decided to donate these products to NGOs in the USA and UK. Apart from the USA and the UK, the products remaining in the warehouses in the countries where Amazon provides service will continue to disintegrate.

Amazon, according to a CBS News news in recent months, the last 9 months in the warehouse tore the remaining 293 thousand pieces of products. Behind the company’s realization of this process is the desire to get rid of the storage costs and the purpose of creating space for new products.


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