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All details about PS5!


This year, Microsoft and Sony are preparing to launch new game consoles. At the CES 2020 event held in January, it was expected to give details about the new model. However, the company, which introduced the logo of the new model in the event, made the users more curious about the new device.

All claims about PS5 features

The company had sent an invitation to press members in January 2013 for the PS4 launch. The new model is expected to be introduced in a similar way. Some photos have been published in the past few months with PS5 design claims. These photographs are thought to be models prepared for developers. Unfortunately, it is not known whether the new model will look like the developer kit.

All details about PS5!

Similarly, PS5 is expected to be introduced in February. A Reddit user recently shared a photo that he claimed was a PS5 screenshot. It is estimated that this photo was taken from the developer device.

The new device is expected to come with a different menu design. There is also 1TB SSD in the device information, and it is among the rumors that 512GB option will come to increase the purchasing rate of the users.

Sony, which has also come to the fore with leaks related to new VR equipment, announced that old VR equipment will also be PS5 compatible. Apart from VR equipment, it is claimed that RayTracing technology will be included in the device. The starting price is expected to be $ 499, while the highest capacity model is expected to be 2TB.

With which features would you like the new generation consoles to be offered for sale? You can specify your answers in the comments.


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