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AirPods Pro will come in 8 different colors


New details about the design of AirPods Pro, which are expected to be introduced soon, have emerged. The AirPods Pro is available in 8 different colors.

AirPods Pro will come in 8 different colors

Leaks about Apple’s next-generation full wireless headset AirPods Pro continue unabated. AirPods Pro, which previously shared prototype visuals, has now appeared in color options.

AirPods Pro will be colorful

The new generation of wireless headphones will have many color options, just like Beats headphones. Black, white, night green etc. The headset is said to come in 8 different color combinations, including the iPhone 11 will be color compatibility.

AirPods Pro is expected to have a $ 260 price tag.

  • Active noise canceling
  • New compact design
  • More advanced Bluetooth connectivity
  • New H2 audio chip
  • Water resistance

AirPods Pro is expected to be introduced in the coming weeks. Analysts point out that if there is no announcement by the end of November, the new headset can be announced in March.

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