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AirPods Pro is introduced with its new design: Here’s the features and price


Apple’s new wireless headset AirPods Pro has been announced. The AirPods Pro offers an intense experience with active noise canceling.

AirPods Pro is introduced with its new design Here’s the features and price

The AirPods Pro wireless headset model, seen as a high-level move to the AirPods series, which has become the leader of Apple’s segment, has become official. AirPods Pro stands out for its more optimized design as well as its ability to reduce noise.

AirPods Pro – Specs and Price

As already leaked, the design of the AirPods Pro headset is designed to fit a bit more comfortably and with the new noise canceling feature in mind. Instead of a design that shrinks towards the end, we see a round design with integrated silicon at the tip. The water-resistant AirPods Pro model aims to equalize the pressure with the new ventilation system.

The most important feature of the new headset is the active noise canceling system. The data from the two microphones in each earpiece is continuously analyzed through the software and background noise is avoided. It is said that the system analyzes audio signals 200 times per second.

The transparent mode makes the noise out of the ear uncomfortable. Thus, while listening to music at the same time you can follow what is happening outside. By applying pressure on the outer surface, you can switch between noise canceling and transparent mode.

The AirPods Pro features an H1 chip with 10 audio cores. The chip plays an important role in the noise canceling feature and also constantly listens to your Siri commands. The adaptive equalizer adjusts the low and mid frequencies of the music according to the structure of your ear. A high-range special amplifier delivers both efficiency and clear sound.

Thanks to its energy efficiency, up to 5 hours of listening and 3.5 hours of talk are possible on a single charge. Noise can be switched on for 4.5 hours. The wireless charging case adds an extra 19 hours. Finally, a test module that can tell you which silicone size is right for your ear is also included in the application.

AirPods Pro, which requires the lowest iOS 13.2, iPadOS 13.2, watchOS 6.1, tvOS 13.2, macOS Catalina 10.15.1, will be available on October 30 with a price tag of $249.00

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