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After a long time, a Surface with ARM processor; Microsoft Surface Pro X introduced

After a long time, a Surface with ARM processor; Microsoft Surface Pro X introduced

Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro X, the ARM-based Surface laptop.

Surface Pro X is the first ARM-based Surface to be released since Surface 2, which was released in 2013. As the name suggests, a very different type of device. Microsoft sees this product as a fully equipped Surface Pro machine. In this respect, it looks very different from entry-level models like Surface RT and Surface 2.

Instead of the 12-inch display on the old Surface Pro, the Surface Pro X has a 13-inch display. The company underlines that this screen has the thinnest display frame on any 2-in-one computer.

Most importantly, the processor is not an Intel Core processor. Instead, it houses the Surface SQ1 processor, which is a customized variant of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx, developed by Microsoft and Qualcomm.

One of the most curious issues will be how the SQ1 will deliver performance compared to the traditional x86 processor. A SQ1 7-watt processor says Microsoft offers 2 watts higher than most ARM processors. At the same time, the company is able to stretch this output as much as possible. Thus, the Surface Pro 6 can be increased to three times the performance per watt.

From the outside, the Surface Pro X looks like a normal Surface Pro. However, it has a smaller appearance and a safe. However, Microsoft has made the corners a little more rounded than the Surface’s classic angled design.

On the other hand, Microsoft is adding a new docking station for the Surface Slim stylus on the Surface Pro X. On top of the keyboard there is a special pouch for the pen. When not in use, the pen is stored inside the keyboard with the help of smart magnets.

The Surface Pro X weighs 762 grams and has a thickness of 5.3 millimeters. In this respect, it holds the title of the thinnest Surface laptop. It also features a USB-C port, fast charging and integrated LTE support.

The Surface Pro X will be available on November 5th at a $ 999 overseas price. Pre-orders start today.

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