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Affordable Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2C introduced!

Affordable Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2C introduced!

Known for its budget-friendly products, Xiaomi introduced a new wireless headset today. Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2C stands out with its features and price. We can also say that this headset is an affordable version of the Mi True Wireless 2 and some of its features have been cropped.

Mi True Wireless 2C stands out with its price

Wireless headsets of the Chinese company Xiaomi are also very popular in our country. Especially the Airdots series was the choice of many consumers. Now the company has announced a more affordable model of the Mi True Wireless 2, which has been sacrificed for some features.

Among the features of Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2C, the first thing is the battery. Headphone; While it offers a lifespan of up to 20 hours with the charging box, it is fully charged in approximately 1.5 hours. The usage time of the device, regardless of the charging box, is close to 5 hours. In addition, the charging port of the headset was USB Type C.

Headset with 14.2mm audio driver; LDHC comes with Hi-Res audio coding technology. The weight of the device, which has a similar design with the Mi True Wireless 2, is 4.7 grams, while this weight is 48 grams with the charging box. Coming with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the headset will also offer touch control to users. In addition, the device has environmental noise cancellation.

We can say that the price of Mi True Wireless 2C is the most striking point. The device will take its place in the market with a price tag of $ 39.

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