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Affordable smartphone move from LG: LG K52

Affordable smartphone move from LG: LG K52

LG K52 ranked on the agenda with both features and images. The functions of this model have become clear to users who are interested in affordable smartphones.

When we look at the images published by Evan Blass, who was known with the exact information he leaked, we can say that the K52 model will be created in conjunction with the hole screen design. What are the technological capabilities of this device representing South Korea?

LG K52 made its debut with features and images

Behind the LG K52 model are 4 cameras. The representative of East Asia, which will be put up for sale with various color options of 2 blue and bright color, will come out of the box with the LG UX operating system based on Android 10.

This model called LG K52, which attracts attention using a rectangular camera circuit, has a large LED flash. The audio button is located to the left of the device. And when we look at the right side of the device, we are greeted by the power button.

It is not yet known whether the power button is connected to the fingerprint reader. Because information about this smartphone is extremely limited. They say users have a little time to get to know K52.

He has no price information, but it is noted that this model will be an affordable phone. We’ll wait a little longer to find out all the information about the characteristics of the LG K52 model. Do you like the new LG product? We are waiting for your comments.

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