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Affordable Apple Watch SE release date has been announced

Affordable Apple Watch SE release date has been announced

When users waited for Series 6, information appeared about the release date of Apple Watch SE. Previously, there was information that you will meet with users. The company, which offers users more affordable models as SE for a smartphone, will also use this method for smartwatches.

Charges over smart watches were brought by John Prosser, who previously shared many leaks. The section presents features. According to the information, different models will meet with users.

Apple Watch SE features

Multiple features show themselves in the leaked information. It is stated that the models will be the same as the Series 4 in terms of design. There will be GPS in each hour, but there will be no “Always on Display” feature that comes with Series 5. It is stated that the size of the watch with model number N10S is 40 mm, and the model with model number N10B is 40 mm.

It is stated that the 44 mm size will be included in the N142S and N142B models. However, there is information that the models will have M9 as processor. For the Apple Watch SE release date, where these details stand out, September 15 information was shared.

On the other hand, it is stated in some sources that the models are listed as Apple Watch and Apple Watch Pro. For this reason, it is possible to say that the model is affordable, it may be released without the SE name.

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