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Additional measures taken for Xbox Series X pre-orders

Additional measures taken for Xbox Series X pre-orders

All measures have been taken for the Xbox Series X and Series S, which will be pre-ordered as of September 22. Here are all the details on the subject.

Microsoft is returning next-generation consoles for Series X and Series S. The technology giant will put up for sale next-generation consoles, which have long been under development, next November.

As noted, Microsoft recently clarified the preliminary order and release dates, describing the price of Series X and S. The other day, Microsoft decided to take additional measures due to problems with the pre-order PlayStation 5.

Xbox Series X not available for pre-order early

According to the latest details revealed by names close to Microsoft, retail companies that do not comply with the embargo dates and times set for new Xbox consoles will be punished severely.

The last announced pre-order date was September 22nd. Microsoft had set the pre-order time of the two consoles as 10.00.

We need to remind that as a footnote. The date set for our country is September 22. But Microsoft Xbox team Turkey Series X and S had raised the price and date information once it is published on the official site.

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